Farmers Market: Reflections at the End of the Season: Four farmers in the Syracuse, New York, area reflect on their journeys as farmers, including the challenges they’ve faced and the changes they’ve seen. Produced in partnership with Engy Adham (2018).

What It Sounds Like to Lose Your Faith: Without any dialogue, this soundscape tells the story of faith lost (2018).

Fundamentalism: One Woman’s Journey: Jordan tells her story of growing up in a fundamentalist Pentecostal home, and how her beliefs have changed since then (2018).

Vox Pop: Samuel Kuffuor-Afriyie: An organist tells the story of his journey as a musician and as a person of faith (2018).


His Favorite Christmas Story: A short film based on the song “His Favorite Christmas Story” by Capital Lights (2011).


Dunvegan: A short story in sound paired with a still image (2018).