Moments and Seasons

Life isn’t about “those moments”; it’s about living after those moments have come and gone.

Graduating. Traveling abroad. Finding a job. Meeting your favorite celebrity. Getting engaged. Getting married. Having a child. Moving to another part of the country. Changing jobs. Going on vacation. Retiring.

All those moments are milestones in life, but they aren’t life itself. Life is marriage, not the wedding. Life is parenthood, not the birth. These milestones shape who we are, but of themselves they are not us.

I don’t want to be racing through life trying to get to the next milestone, the next “moment.” I want to enjoy each season I find myself in, whether it’s a season I choose voluntarily, or one that’s thrust upon me. Because there’s no wishing them away. Seasons are a part of life, whether they seem to be characterized by beauty or bereavement.

But seasons aren’t static, with all pain and no pleasure, or all pleasure and no pain. Living roots under the dead white frost … rain in a dry place … tremors and shakings where there have been none before … a snowfall in June. Seasons are dynamic, and feelings aren’t forever.

Live in the moments … and live after them.

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