The Last First Day of School

One year ago, I was basically a media communication freshman. Am I really going to graduate in just over 100 days?

24 hours ago, I returned to Indiana from movieland in Park City, Utah. The Sundance Film Festival was a memorable experience (albeit one not sustainable over a much longer period of time), and imbued my fast-approaching graduation with more bittersweetness.

On a side note, expect this blog to morph into Sundance Showcase for a week or more. I’m required to write four reflection papers — one on the experience itself, and three on specific films — and you can bet that they’ll be making their way to this blog in some shape or form, now that I’m no longer writing for the Taylor Sundance blog.

Back to today. I think I’m going to like my Mondays. With Senior Capstone and Preparation and Strategy for Christian World Mission, the possibilities of the future will never be far from my mind. This final semester will be consumed with my senior portfolio, so I’m glad to have one non-media class … and not just to avoid media comm overload, but also to investigate the world of evangelical missions, and my potential place within it.

Not that I’m not excited about my remaining media classes. I’m looking forward to them, and to my afternoon-heavy schedule, and to the very real possibility of a snow day tomorrow.

In Chicago, they’re saying this might be the biggest storm in 40 years. I hope that’s true here, too.

Ten Changes of 2010

Indy Mini Marathon

  1. Writing: A year ago, I didn’t know there was such a thing as AP style. Now, I have some newspaper copy editing experience and an on-campus job writing for the school paper.
  2. Media Communication: Senioritis has received a counterattack in the form of a new major. Now I know my f-stops from my shutter speeds and mic pick-up patterns and p tags, and I can’t watch a movie or listen to an Adventures in Odyssey episode the same way anymore. Of all these new languages I’m starting to speak, I’m most excited about media production: I love audio and video editing.
  3. Family: We are a four-person family again. My grandma, who had been living with us since 2006, passed away in September. If my parents weren’t empty-nesters at the beginning of the semester, when my sister headed to SoCal for college, they certainly are now.
  4. Running: Year 2 of running-for-real. I ran the Indy Mini, the largest half-marathon event in the country (and, incidentally, I’ll be running it again this year).
  5. Speaking Up: I’m statistically more likely to speak up in class now than I used to be, whether answering a question or asking one. Just don’t expect long discourses or an excessive amount of volunteered information. I pray out loud more too. Sporadically and only in groups of two, but, hey, it’s a start.
  6. Missions: I decided to do a YWAM DTS after I graduate. And I wouldn’t be surprised if missions plays a bigger role than that in my future.
  7. My relationship with God: Spiritually, 2010 has been a landmark year on this front. Among the things I learned, one of the main ones is that the Christian’s surest reason for belief is experiential knowledge of God.
  8. Reading: I read several books that I’ve been meaning to read for awhile, in addition to some that weren’t on my radar before this year. Here are a few of the highlights: The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Mere Christianity, The Hunger Games trilogy, Les Misérables (okay, technically I read most of Les Mis in 2009 … but I finished it in ’10).
  9. Food: For this extremely picky eater, 2010 has also been a landmark year of trying (and figuratively embracing) new foods. Definitely foods that I should’ve tried ages ago, but better late than never.
  10. Blogging: I started blogging regularly. Okay, maybe semi-regularly. But that’s still a lot better than bi-annually.