Colorado Bound!

In less than 5 hours, this journey will begin.

It all started last summer when I trekked to Colorado Springs to join thousands of fans in celebrating the 20th anniversary of Adventures in Odyssey.  That story has been told before, and will continue to be told because it was, in all honesty, the trip of a lifetime.  And it sparked my interest in this internship to which I have joyfully bequeathed the next 45 days of my life.

Many of you may know that I am a History major, and some, that, even though I’m a scant year away from graduating, I still have little idea what course to pursue after that.  I’m hoping this internship (or practicum, as my school officially dubs it) will help me narrow it down a little, and set me going at at least a fast walk in the right direction.  But this internship means more to me than a few class credits, or the potential for future career inspiration.  As I alluded to in the last paragraph, and as my facebook profile will testify, Adventures in Odyssey was the soundtrack of my childhood, and is the soundtrack of this 20-year-old’s adulthood.  I’m excited to work for a show that has captivated me for so many years, and with people whose names and work have been familiar to me for almost as long.  And, of course, it’s Colorado; what’s not to get excited about?

I should be sleeping right now, but I determined weeks ago that I would start this blog for this trip, and I determined days ago that I would not tell anyone about this blog until I had written at least one entry.  So there you go.

I’m virtually all packed: mapquested directions to work, Walmart, and the library printed out, the Odyssey shirt tucked intentionally between less important clothing, the headset and webcam I would be loath to forget, and the surprisingly-limited-yet-specially-chosen collection of books.  It’s all ready, and so am I.

I don’t know how often I’ll be able to update this blog, but if my anticipations are correct, there will be a lot of blog-worthy happenings over the next 6-7 weeks.  And if procrastination doesn’t get the best of me, you should be hearing about those happenings as they occur.

Adieu for now!

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